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M La Mellz


Meluleki Mpanza known as M La Mellz is a Male South African House Dj/Producer and Founder of House Music 07 Records and The Legendary Journey Of House series mixtapes (The LeJOH).

Inamandla Meluleki Mpanza was born in Durban,Tongaat,Newtown on the 07th of March 1993. He grew up in KZN, He is an Artist and a Producer at House Music 07 Rec which is also his own label. He goes by a stage name M.L’Mellz(M La Mellz) and that name came from his second name ‘Mellu’ also known as M.M Jazz . He is also a Writer, Poet, former Fitness and a Basketball Coach.

Mellz started his journey of music December 2013, that’s when he composed his first Deep House song titled ” Over the Mountains”, He composed that song at his home in Nongoma with a Brocken laptop that he bought from his nephew. That’s when the Journey began. He then after completed his first E.P 2015 which became an unreleased E.P, Title of this E.P was “The New Journey (Unreleased E.P)”

That E.P includes songs like “My Emotional Doctor” “The Deeptown In Newtown”
to name a few. Mellz is also Co-Founder of the band “Addicts“. He also produces other genres like Afro-Jazz, Soul, Gospel and Raggae.
He also known as M.M Jazz, He released and Ep titled ” The Greener Gold “ which was an instrumental gift August 2018.

Mellz is currently working on album titled “Models & Mentors“, The Album features Commercial 12, Dix,Psoul, Ntobeko (Poet), N.A.T.Y, Def to name a few.

The album include songs like “Models & Mentors (Tribute To Dukesoul)”

” Lilly & Talita” which is an awareness song against Albinism in Africa.
“Models And Mentors is an appreciation album, That’s where and how I tell the story of my music Journey. I was Mentored by Giso, DJ Smindlo, Commercial 12, Def and Starble, Inspired by the late legend Dukesoul (RIP).
The Album is dedicated to these Role Models and Mentors, Aswell as to the people who loves, play and believes in my music” Said Mellz

M La Mellz is also a poet, He wrote many poems in few online blogs such as writers cafe and poetry soup.
He wrote a book titled “The Times Of Independence”


He also spend sometime taking care of La Mellz KIIdz AFRIIca Foundation ” Let The Kids Eat To Live” which is His own foundation for african kids.

Name:Inamandla Meluleki
Psydionym: M La Mellz
Surname: Mpanza
Label: House Music 07 Rec
Albums:The New Journey (Unrealesed E.P), The Greener Gold (Instrumental Gift E.P).
Work Experience: Worked with Def, Dix(Bongani Ngcobo), Commercial 12, DJ Mtamm3r, Blessed Script, Deco, P-Soul, Danny Dex, Verb.
Shared a studio with Giso, De Lupes, Nature Vybz, LCM, Kepza to name a few.
Recognized by Danhilla, Denny Dug, Darian Crouse, DJ Micks Kalawa, Urban Angel, Jaap Ligthart, Timo Hanch to name a few.
Inspired by Dj Smindlo, Giso, Dukesoul(RIP), Starble, Commercial 12, Black Coffee, Da Capo,Chymamusique,Ndu (CBPMR).
Membership: Addicts

M La Mellz – Models & Mentors (Tribute To Dukesoul)


M La Mellz – Hands Of A Working Man


M La Mellz – Lilly & Talita


M La Mellz – Just Think About It


M La Mellz – Wewe River

M La Mellz Azisheke Mix, The Kings Drive with SPHEctacular and DJ Naves M La Mellz Feat.Nonto Vocals – The Hands Of A Working Man https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PRQX8XY/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_awdb_t1_aW3SCbP4K4FR9 M La Mellz Feat. Tammy – Love Ain’t Easy (Original Mix) https://music.apple.com/au/album/love-aint-easy-single/1492668693 Email:immpanza@housemusic07rec.co.za Bookings:info@housemusic07rec.co.za

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