House Music 07 Rec If it's ain't smooth, It's ain't soul satisfying!

Brown Tissue Clothing

About The Brand

Brown Tissue Clothing was founded by Inamandla Meluleki “M La Mellz” Mpanza & Steven Lindani “Slam” Nzama in Durban, South Africa 2017. It is a product of House Music 07 Rec. Brown Tissue has it four brands that are designed and manufactured under it. This includes Three Weed Seeds, Strychnoses, Larbino Cats and Brown Tissue.

The Brands

Three Weed Seeds. Strychnos. Larbino Cat. Brown Tissue.

Three Weed Seeds


Larbino Cat

Brown Tissue


S – See your goal U – Understand the obstacles C – Create a positive mental picture C – Clear your mind of self-doubt E – Embrace all challenges S – Sacrifice free time S – Show the world you can do it F – Feed your focus U – Utilize all opportunities L – Learn from all failures 

“If you don’t make it today, Have faith and hope for tomorrow. If you loose the heart, Change your thinking atittude!”

M La Mellz

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