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L.C.M’s Online Interview

Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya’s Online Interview 21 November 2018 By M La Mellz
L.C.M : Rapper
N.C.L Media: LCM Sup Bro? Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya: Awe you good bro? N.C.L Media: Yeah, I’m good Bro. Welcome to N.C.L Media Sir! Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya: Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it! N.C.L Media: You’re Welcome. My Bro, May you kindly tell us more about L.C.M, Who is L.C.M? Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya: I’m an upcoming musicians from Tongaat, very chilled and crazy at times… basically I’m just a young nigga trying to living a dream. N.C.L Media: Awesome! Tell us about your Journey in this industry? Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya: It’s been really crazy, hard and fun. I enjoy all of that though because that makes the journey amazing and I’m really enjoying it!
L.C.M: South African Hip-Hop Artist
N.C.L Media: Well, You did alot of collaborations sofar in your journey, Tell us how did you met Sphamandla “Spoochy” Zondi and how does it feel working with him as a producer?
LCM & Spoochy
Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya: We linked up in Hambanathi at Strat’s studio because that’s where I recorded my first song and at that time Spoochy just started making beats so we became friends and the rest is history. N.C.L Media: You also collaborated with Jay on a song titled “Red Wine” How did you meet Jay and what’s your feel regarding the song? Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya: Awe we became friends on social media and eventually linked up, She became my sister and still is. The song Red Wine is really dope and I wish we had more support financially to push it.
L.C.M & Jay
N.C.L Media: If you were to get a sponsorship/funding, what will you do with that song, will you bring Jay back? Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya: Definitely because she’s my sister! N.C.L Media: Awesome! From the hood where you are coming from, Durban North Coast. Man you are surounded by a lot of talent aswell and you seem to be one of the most succeeding talent in the hood. What’s your secret and what message do you have for upcoming artists in the hood? Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya: Just working hard and staying focus. To all the upcoming artists, Make sure you go as hard as you can all the time and eventually things will work out. It takes time and passion! N.C.L Media: Awesome, What are you currently working on Bro? Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya: My new Project which will be released next year. N.C.L Media: Great! Thank you very much for your time bro. All the best on your Journey and we wish nothing but success my Bro. Keep Grinding!!!! Lindokuhle Collin Makhanya: Thanks a lot Bro and God bless!
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