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Tammy’s Online Interview

TAMMY online interview 

Tammy: Song Writer/Vocalist

Sup Tammy, Welcome to N.C.L Media

Hey, wassup? 😊😊 And Thank you for having me 😊

It’s always a pleasure Dear. So tell us, Who is Tammy?

Where do I even start? 🙆 Well, Tammy is a 20 year old singer/songwriter/model, born in a small town called Phalaborwa in Limpopo. Real name “Palesa”.
Raised by her grandparents. Completed her matric in 2017 at Relebogile Secondary.
A proud Pedi.
Loves going out and socialising but also pretty much enjoys staying indoors watching cartoons (Regular show) and of course hitting the studio! 


When did you start doing music and why music?

I started writing songs with a girl that used to be my best friend in 6th grade (2012) and only started recording in (2014/2015) but stopped and focused on school and now I’m at it again. 

I chose music because it was the only way I’d get people to listen to what I had to say or understand my feelings and just getting to know who I was/am. I found happiness in making people dance to every single song I wrote, no matter how bad it was 😂. I just really also enjoy discovering my vocal capabilities and to what limit I can push it to. It’s fun, trust me.

Great, You’ve collaborated with Lollipop, How did you guys met each other?

I met Løllípøp MrTytflowa at the very same high school I completed my matric at, formed a close friendship with him while he was pushing his music career.

We never spoke too much about collaborating or music at that, until mid-July this year at the Showville auditions that were held in Lulekani. 
I always tell him that, I thank God for that day because if we hadn’t met and finally talked business, I wouldn’t have been where I am today music wise.
He now manages me and gets me recognised by bigger names and platforms. It’s a pleasure working with him 🙏

You have a new song titled “One Time” kindly tell us more about the song, what inspired the song?

Oh god 🙆😂 Okay, One Time is basically a song I wrote due to personal experiences with a certain person, the lyrics say it all. 
But I also wanted girls/women to relate to it as much as I did , which they do.
I call it “A girl anthem” ✊

😀 Alright, What are you currently working on?

I’m working on gigging as much as I can this festive season.
I’ve stopped recording but I might change my mind and release again, you never know 😊 

But people should expect a whole lot of music from me in 2019 , might even drop an EP

That’s great. What do you think about our current president?

I don’t follow politics but from the way people are complaining about him and the random increase of gas etc… I’m guessing he’s making life a little harder and for that, I don’t like him. 😂 if my people aren’t happy I’m not happy either.

But everyone has an opinion, I might not know a side of him that other people see and know.

Alright, Do you give food to burgers?

Every chance I get, if not food then the little money I have, I give.

There’s nothing worse than watching someone beg for food.
I get emotional sometimes when I think that many people around the world go to bed hungry. If only there was something I could do.

Where do you see yourself in 7 years from now?

I’d say, signed under a huge record label, international collaborations in the bag and just having my life and love life sorted. 

And I know through God, all of them are possible.

Amen. What is your main genre?  

My main genre is Rnb/Soul with of course a touch of hip hop.

Alright, wanna send a shout out?

Yes, of course. 
A huge s/o to my biggest supporters Mitchell ThabisoLøllípøp MrTytflowaTemo ZATebogo S Mametja & of course Junior Jocstar Ndabane for the production and mixing of ‘One Time’, my mom and all my friends. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone important.
Thank you all so much ❤

Thank you very much for your time Tammy, we wish you all the best of luck and success in your career. Cheers✌

Thank you and it’s a pleasure 😊🌼

Tammy interview was held November 2018 Through N.C.L Media online page by M La Mellz.

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