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Ezra Tai’s Online Interview

Ezra Tai
23 November 2018 by M La Mellz

N.C.L Media: Sup Ezra Tai and welcome to N.C.L Media
Ezra Tai: wussup ✨ thank you
N.C.L Media: Pleasure Miss Ezra. Kindly tell us about yourself, who is Ezra Tai?
Ezra Tai: Ezra is a singer songwriter from Durban
I do alternative hip hop

but basically dabble in anything musical.
Ezra Tai: I’ve also been singing forever,
been writting since I was 11. so yea
N.C.L Media: That’s amazing I must say! What made you to choose music at the age of 11 and why music?
Ezra Tai: I was born into a musical family. A Christian family.
so music, church and the Church choir are basically my humble beginnings.
its always been straightforward. not easy. but straightforward.

Studio Session
Ezra Tai in studio

N.C.L Media: Then you drifted to Hip-hop as personal choice, Why Hip-Hop Ezra?
Ezra Tai: yeeess.. uhm influences that i came across outside of home overpowered 😂🐝
My big brother was always rapping tho, he’s amazing. so I picked it up there.
then fell inlove with it for real when i watched ‘ The truth behind hip hop ‘
i learned alot.
plus its fun. stress free.

Ezra Tai: Singer/Song writer

N.C.L Media: Cool Ezra you did songs like “Grey Clouds” , “Square 1” and ” Do Better” what was the inspiration behind those projects?
Ezra Tai: Nothing but love and experience really
i write About what i go through
N.C.L Media: Great! What are you currently working on?
Ezra Tai: im currently working on new singles and a possible project actually.
I have a single dropping in a few days. Chronicles of Bullsh*t featuring Street volume 🎵

N.C.L Media: Awesome. Thanks alot for your time Miss Ezra! We wish you all the best and a great success on your Journey to the Top!
Ezra Tai: Thank you. ✨

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