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Eve Nommu Sibanda’s Online Interview

Eve Nommu Sibanda’s Online Interview

23 November 2018 By M La Mellz

Eve Nommu Sibanda: S.A Female Musician

N.C.L Media: Goodmorning Eve Nommu Sibanda and Welcome to N.C.L Media.
Eve Nommu Sibanda: Thank you very much.
N.C.L Media: It’s always a pleasure Eve. So please tell us who is Eve Nommu Sibanda?

Eve Nommu Sibanda: Eve is a harmonious person, a Girl of dreams, a spice of life, miracle of my family, A child of God, a musician ,Worshipper,Good example of the youth and I am always ready for any actions in my life.

N.C.L Media: Wow! That’s so amazing. Tell us about your music Journey, When did you start doing music and why music out of all things?
Eve Nommu Sibanda: I started doing music when I was in primary at the age of 7 😊 well as young as I was a lot was happening and whenever I sing I would feel a whole lot better then I joined classes of music and the love of music grew! I believe that when God created music he had me in mind so that I can create an impact in the world through this gift we call music 😊
N.C.L Media: At what age did you started music classes?
Eve Nommu Sibanda: 7 years

N.C.L Media: And now you are here. This is so amazing. You know, lot of upcoming musicians really want to grow musically like you do.How did you get here so quick Eve?

Eve Nommu Sibanda: well it’s the favour of God ! I couldn’t have done this on my own hey 😊 also when you put more effort and dedicate yourself in something then you grow more and you go higher and higher.

Eve Nommu Sibanda: Musician

N.C.L Media: Great! You play french horn, Are you also a vocalist? And what’s your genre?
Eve Nommu Sibanda: Well I haven’t taken my singing career so serious. I just sing when I am required to do so. but at Church I am part of the worship team serving under my Spiritual Father Prophet David Ndubuisi Prayer and my dear Mom Prophetess Gold Prayer.

N.C.L Media: Alright if you are not much of a singer, what exactly do you do in this music industry, what’s your role?
Eve Nommu Sibanda: I play in Various Orchestras and Bands
etc Johannesburg youth orchestra and JPO .
Recent I was in Germany performing with the Grafing Orchestra
Eve Nommu Sibanda: Kashmir – The Johannesburg Youth Orchestra
Eve Nommu Sibanda: Eve Nomusa at Germany
N.C.L Media: Wow! You are more of an instrumentalist than Vocalist. How was Germany? 😀

Eve in Germany

N.C.L Media: Do you have your own recorded song Eve?
Eve Nommu Sibanda: Germany was great I really enjoyed myself. I actually never thought that I would actually get an opportunity to go there it was a shock! ! And God was showing off yhoo you would cry yourself if you saw what happened there! It was out of this world.

Eve: Away from home

Also my Spiritual mother Gold Prayer gave me a Prophecy in August that God will open doors for me and I will go to Germany and it happened within a Month!
So I am also grateful to be under such Parents. They are a gift!
Eve Nommu Sibanda: No I don’t have as yet
But time will tell.

N.C.L Media: If you were to do one song, which genre would you go for?
Eve Nommu Sibanda: Gospel but with the feel of Jazz.

Eve: French Horn Player

N.C.L Media: Awesome! If you were to collaborate with one artists locally in South Africa, who would it be?
Eve Nommu Sibanda: Haha it would be Nombulelo Tshefu.
Eve Nommu Sibanda: And Tylo Nkiti 😍😍😍
Nombulelo Tshefu: Whaaaat?🤭
Eve Nommu Sibanda: Yes. 😊😇😊
N.C.L Media: Wow😊, Welcome Nombulelo. And that would be a great project I must say!

N.C.L Media: So When did you came back from Germany Eve Nommu Sibanda, are you back already?
Eve Nommu Sibanda: Of course 😍

Performance: Youth Celebration 2018

Eve Nommu Sibanda: I came back day before yesterday.
N.C.L Media: Whaaat, No Flue, fever? Germany is cold hey!
Eve Nommu Sibanda: I feel a bit feverish.

N.C.L Media: Welcome back home 🤗
So musically, what are you currently working on?
Eve Nommu Sibanda: Thank you.
Eve Nommu Sibanda: I just received my trinity college London music results just now and I am excited that I have passed. Now I am working on being a better horn player because we actually never stop practising and writing exams.
So I am preparing for 2019 😊 I believe it has greater blessings for me.

N.C.L Media: Congratulations Eve, Well done!!! 😊
N.C.L Media: Thank you so much for your time and patience, Wanna send a shoutout?
Eve Nommu Sibanda: I would like to send a shout out to my Mother Nobahle Sibanda, Perry Moore Pa, Gold Prayer my Spiritual Mother, David Ndubuisi Prayer my Spiritual Father, Lesego Modise , Boitshoko Modise, Ntombi Kayise Tshabalala Asiphe Mihlali.

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